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Radio and Voiceovers

I have been working in the radio industry since 1999, from student stations, to major networks. At present I can be heard on the kmfm radio network in Kent, and on over 40 stations worldwide, to an audience of over 2.5 million listeners, hosting The eXpat Chart.

I’m a fully experienced radio presenter working in the industry for nearly a decade. I have experience in RCS Selector 12 and 15, RCS Master Control XV, Barrcode BCX and Brian digital editors, Cool Edit Pro /Adobe Audition as well as in station management as both a programe manager and station manager.

My radio career started in student radio. For 2 years I was programming manager for Bay Radio, the UK's first bi-lingual student radio station. I also did the odd stint on other stations until I moved to Tenerife for 3 months and got the early breakfast show on Power FM, Spain's biggest English radio network.
3 Months eventually turned into 2 and a half years!

I soon moved to drive time and became in charge of production. A few months later Power FM took over a second network, and I was promoted to Station Manager for Waves FM.

In 2003 I returned to the UK and started working for KMFM presenting a network show on Saturday nights across two stations and providing cover.
In March 2004, I started as a travel presenter for AA Roadwatch, presenting on a number of stations on the G-Cap Network including Mercury Watford, Chiltern Dunstable, Q103 Cambridge and Hereward FM in Peterborough. This was an airbourne position, and meant I was one of only 12 "Flying Eye" presenters in the UK.

As well as presenting, I also work on voice overs. I have voiced commercials for both radio and television, and also have a number of radio stations using me for their imaging.

I own a broadcast quality studio with full 128 channel digital mixers, broadcast microphones and the other paraphernalia needed to operate in a broadcast environment.